election committee needed

Moin dear fellow students
in order to have a successfull election in November for the StuPa and FSRs we need your help

We need five motivated students, that are willing to form the election committee.

Your main tasks would be to design and print the election papers with all the candidates, organiseing and conduction of the election and the counting of the votes.
Additionally a election report has to be handed in to the newly formed StuPa.

It is important to know that the persons on the election committee are not eligible to be electet themselfs!

If you are interessted, contact us vie mail at: stupa-praesidium@tuhh.de

We are eager to hear from you.
Your StuPa Presidium

election results AntiRa 2023

It’s done.

the election is over and the results have arrived

In total 342 (5.2% of all students) of you have participated in the election.

Sari Eid has been elected to fill the seat of the Anit rasicsm positoin in the AStA.

In the name of the student parliament we wish Sari all the best and congratulate him.

The entire election report you can find below.

Your student parliament