FSR- / StuPa-Elections 2023


We are pleased to announce all necessary information about the upcoming election of the student parliament and the student councils on time and in due time. The election is based on the election regulations of the student body in the version of 19.04.2021.

When will the election take place?
There will be two election days: Monday, 04.12.2023 from 9 AM until 3 PM and Tuesday, 05.12.2023 from 9 AM until 3 PM.

Who will be elected?
In this election, the free chamber of the student parliament is elected by direct vote, as well as 12 members of each of the student councils with a separate ballot paper.

How to vote?
The election will be conducted entirely on campus. As usual, the polling station is located in the foyer of Building I (next to Audimax II / above the mensa). In addition, it will be possible to vote by postal ballot. Further information will follow shortly.

How can I run myself?
If you want to run for your FSR, you have to fill in the form “Wahlvorschlag FSR-Wahl” completely within the application period and send it to the election committee.
Applications for the StuPa are made as a complete list. For this purpose, the form “Wahlvorschlag StuPa-Wahl” must be filled out and submitted to the election committee within the application period.

Each person standing for election should also submit a photo and a slogan (maximum 140 characters) by email during the same period. Those running for a list and an FSR should submit two election slogans and mark them accordingly. Each list will also receive an A5 page in the election newspaper for free design.

The application forms were sent out by email, can be downloaded from the StuPa website and are also available in paper form in the AStA office.

The application period runs from 30.10.2022 until 15.11.2022 at 12 AM.

The forms can be sent by e-mail to wahl@asta.tuhh.de or handed in in paper form in the AStA letterbox in building E. Each application will be confirmed by email.

How do I reach the Election Committee?
If you have any questions or concerns about the election, you can always email us at wahl@asta.tuhh.de.

Best regards,
Lilian Block, Kathleen Wolf, Eric Nitschke and Leonard Sommer
(Your election committee)

Election Announcement