Next StuPa Meeting

  • Wann: 28th of February 2024 – 16:30 pm
  • Wo: M 0526

StuPa meetings are open to the university public. StuPa meetings are open to the university public. Guests are welecome to sign up withe their TUHH email address at

Provisional agenda

TOP 0: Meeting opening
TOP 1: Determination of the quorum
TOP 2: Addition to and approval of the agenda
TOP 3: approval protocol 07th of February 2024
TOP 4: Reports

TOP 5: election presidency
TOP 6: election “Zertifikationsausschuss”
TOP 7: proposal “Prüfungsevaluation”
TOP 8: proposal “Deutschlandticket”
TOP 9: proposal changes to the constitution of teh student body
TOP 10: Miscellaneous

Meeting documents

StuPa members can find all meeting documents in the TUHH Cloud. Guests can inquire relevant documents for the meeting via a mail to

Planned meetings

Dates may be postponed or additional dates may be added.

  • 20.03.
  • 03.04.
  • 17.04.