Dean of Studies Committees(SDA).

The Student Dean’s Affairs Committees (SDAs) and the Study Area Committee (SBA) are responsible for the concerns of the various student deans and the study area.

For example, they manage the budget pots and thus decide on decentralized Higher Education Pact (HSP) funding requests, tutoring funds, or money for learning weekends.
Field trip requests are also handled in the SDA or SBA.
They also decide on the curricula of new cohorts and draw up the subject-specific examination regulations (FSPO) and the internship regulations of a degree program.

The SDAs and SBA also elect members to the various examination committees and initiate doctoral procedures.

There are the following committees:

  • SDA Civil engineering (B)
  • SDA Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics (E)
  • SDA Mechanical Engineering(M)
  • SDA Industrial-Technical Sciences
  • SDA Process Engineering (V)
  • SDA Management Science and Technology (W)
  • SBA Professional Engineering Sciences and Technologies (FIT)
  • PA for vocational specialties

Each SDA or SBA also has student representatives who are delegated by the respective student councils. You can find out who they are directly from your FSR.