Antiacism (AntiRa)

Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology is a diverse place of learning. We have students of different nationalities and backgrounds. The Anti-Racism Department offers you an independent point of contact where you can report any discrimination against you in the university context. You can also contact us as a witness to a discriminatory incident. You can either use the email address provided or the form below. The data provided will of course be treated confidentially. We can then contact you and discuss possible courses of action. If you have specific legal questions, the AStA also offers legal advice in various areas. Duties That is why every year one Person is elected into the partially-autonomus chair of the AStA. Every student is qualified to be elected

Tasks include:

  • To be someone to contact, if a student has direct or indirect noticed rascism or was effeced by it.
  • To prevent rascism on campus and build a place of comfort for everyone.
  • To controll an look over the political affairs on campus, especially ind the AStA, StuPa and the student council.

The candiates for the election this year you eill find below
After the election you’ll also find the election report down below.