Student Representative Councils (FSR)

A Fachschaftsrat (FSR) is elected by the student body of the respective Fachschaft and represents it towards the AStA, the StuPa, the Präsidium as well as the public. All enrolled students of the corresponding study programs belong to a student council. An overview of which course belongs to which student council and thus to which student council can be found here.

Besides the representative task, the student council usually organizes all kinds of general events and takes care of the bureaucracy and university politics in the interest of the respective student council. He generally advocates for improvements in teaching and in the organization of studies. On the one hand, it is about improving the curriculum or rescheduling exams, on the other hand, the FSR tries to lighten up the daily routine with barbecue events, for example. Finally, the FSRe also usually have old exam collections or documents that can be useful in studying. Last but not least, the FSRe also organize the orientation sessions (OE weeks) to introduce first-year students to TU.

In addition, each FSR has an office in the corridor of the student self-administration in the northern third of the Lindwurm (building E) where the AStA and StuPa office are also located.

A FSR consists of 12 elected members, who are elected together with the StuPa at the annual elections (usually at the beginning of December). In addition, most FSRe also have volunteers who help out at events. There are currently 8 student council members.

Here you can find their respective homepages: