Examination committees (PA)

Examination committees (PAs) are appointed by the dean of students’ committees (SDAs) and the study area committee (SBA). In the process, each SDA and SBA has at least one PA.

There is always a student representative on each examination board. You can ask your FSR who exactly that is.

Among other things, the examination committees advise and decide on critical issues in the conduct of examinations and requests for hardship.
They also decide on the recognition of achievements such as internships covered by training, credit points earned at other universities or abroad, or the number of failed attempts you have in certain subjects at other universities.
The examination boards also advise and decide on individual study plans and individual solutions, for example if problems arise due to modularization, or if you would like to take subjects that are not included in your study plan.

Contact with the PAs, i.e. submission of applications and the like, is via the relevant examination office.

If you submit an application to the board of examiners and it is rejected, you can file an appeal. A decision on your application must then be made a second time.

If your application is rejected a second time, you can appeal again. In this case, your application will go to the Appeals Committee.