Academic Senate (AS)

The Academic Senate (AS) is the highest body of academic self-government.

Elections for the Academic Senate will be held in May and will be prepared by a separate Elections Committee. The application deadline is usually in March. The student representatives are elected every year and the representatives of the other status groups are elected for two years.

The eleven senators represent all four status groups at our university. Professors are represented with six votes, academic staff with two votes, technical and administrative staff (TVP) with one vote, and the student body with two votes.

The Academic Senate covers following  tasks

  • Adoption of resolutions on the basic regulations and other statutes
  • Election and deselection of the president
  • Confirmation of vice presidents
  • Establishment, modification and cancellation of study programs
  • enactment, amendment and repeal of university examination regulations, study regulations and statutes

The Academic Senate has delegated some tasks to its committees, such as.

  • the Study Deans’ Committees (SDAs)
  • the Committee for Teaching and Studies (ALS)
  • or the Committee for Equality

The full list of the positions of the Academic Senate you can find here.

If you want to know which student representatives represent you in the different committees, check out Committees & Boards.