Boards & Committees

University policy at the TUHH consists of a complicated network of various bodies and committees. For example, there is the Academic Senate, the StuPa, the student councils and many more. The following organizational chart illustrates the hierarchy of boards and committees at our university, who elects whom, and where representatives go.

Complete diagram of committees
diagram of committees

Especially new students might have problems to understand the upper diagramm, therefor below is a simplified version of that. This version also shows, which commettees are elected by the student body.

Simplified diagram of committees
diagram of commettees (simplified)

Student representatives* who are elected by the students:

Academic SenateLilian Block
Antonia Münchenbach
Julian Köbernick
Leonard Sommer
Student Parliamentsee here 
Fachschaftsrätesee here 

Student representatives who are elected by the StuPa:

Economic Councilsee here at “Members of the student body”
Management Advisory Board of the
Member from the StuPa:
Johannes Moosbrugger
Member from the AS:
first seat (see below)
Member from FSRs:
Joana Stein
second seat:
Fabian Finkenzeller
second seat:
all other AS members
second seat:
Representative Assembly of the
Student Services
Frederik EberhardFabian Finkezeller
Guest Advisory Board MensaJoana SteinAlexander Babendererde
Counselor for town housesMiora GerullJohanna Spansel


Student representatives elected by the Academic Senate in consultation with the StuPa and the FSRs:

Dean of Studies/
Study Area Committees
see here 
Appeals Committeessee here
Committee for the award of the
academic title
Professor as well as the authorization to teach as a private lecturer
Julius HenfJulius
Committee for Strategy Development in Studies and TeachingAaron Bracht
Fabian Finkenzeller
Christopher Hanson
Philipp Wieland
Eddi Arriaga Flores
Niklas Bartsch
Committee for EqualityKlara StapelfeldGesa
Committee for the non-technical
Aaron Bracht
Matthias Rohrer
Annemarie Chyczewski
Lion Seufer
Budget and Planning CommitteeBjarne Scheffczyk
Lion Seufer
Ben Hupka
Vivienne Herzog
Library CommitteeDennis EspertJoana
Senate Committee Information
Tizian HolzhausenTIm
Committee for the strategic planning of researchMatthias RohrerJan
Joint Commission for MBA ProgramsIlayda GrünerMathias
Awarding commission for
Scholarships according to the hamburg
Act for the Promotion
of the scientific and
young artists
Alexander GildenbergLeonard
Joint Commission for University Sports Hamburg UniversitiesElias Möller
Committee for Ethical IssuesDoran NettigKonrad Mörsch
Joint Commission on Women’s Studies, etc.Joana SteinJulian Köbernick

[date: 31.08.2023]