Boards & Committees

University policy at the TUHH consists of a complicated network of various bodies and committees. For example, there is the Academic Senate, the StuPa, the student councils and many more. The following organizational chart illustrates the hierarchy of boards and committees at our university, who elects whom, and where representatives go.

Student representatives* who are elected by the students:

Academic SenateRomina Mirzaeian
Tim Grammerstorf
Eddie Arriga Flores
Emilie Haska
Student Parliamentsee here 
Fachschaftsrätesee here 

Student representatives who are elected by the StuPa:

Economic CouncilMarius Stübbe
Gilles Jacqui
Maximilian Ehlken
Vincent Heins
Management Advisory Board of the
Member from the StuPa:
Marius Stübbe

Member from the AS:
Alexander Seeling

Member from FSRs:
see website of the
Management Advisory Board
Representative Assembly of the
Student Services
Guest Advisory Board Mensa  

Student representatives elected by the Academic Senate in consultation with the StuPa and the FSRs:

Dean of Studies/
Study Area Committees
see here 
Appeals Committeessee here
Committee for the award of the
academic title
Professor and the
Authorization to teach as a private lecturer
Yousuf Ak-HakimAlexander Seeling
Committee for Strategy Development in Studies and TeachingKaya Bürkel
Nils Nörenberg
Jacob Zechel
Aaron Bracht
Abdulah Alsaleh
Tim Baumgärtner
Committee for EqualityTheresia HachmöllerCharlotte Pökert
Committee for the non-technical
Marius Stübbe
Kaya Bürkel
Vivien Lindner 
Bjarne Scheffczyk
Budget and Planning CommitteeAlexander Seeling
Bjarne Scheffczyk
Thomas Pohl
Robert-Constantin Marcu
Library CommitteeYousuf Ak-Hakim Dennis Espert
Senate Committee Information
Thomas PohlFelix Schlösser
Committee for the strategic planning of researchJohann KippingJacob Zechel
Joint Commission for Postgraduate Management ProgramsShreya DesaiAnika Do
Award committee for
Scholarships according to the hamburg
law for the promotion of
of young scientists and
young scientists and artists
Tobias Hermann
Jon Wullenweber