Committees and Commissions of the Academic Senate

In order to fulfill its responsibilities as the Academic Senate (AS), the AS delegates some tasks to (specialized) committees. These prepare decisions for the Academic Senate or make decisions on behalf of the AS.

The Academic Senate (AS) currently has the following committees:

  • Dean of Students Committees (SDA B, E, G, M, V, W).
  • Study Area Committee (SBA A)
  • Non-Technical Offer Committee (NTA Committee)
  • Joint Commission for Postgraduate Master Programs (GK-pgM)
  • (Joint) Decentralized Examination Board for the Vocational Fields of Construction and Wood Technology, Electrical Engineering-Information Technology, Media Technology and Metal Technology of the Teacher Training Program at Vocational Schools (LBS) and for the Subject of Industrial Training/Technology of the Teacher Training Program at Primary and Secondary Level I (LAPS) as well as the Teacher Training Program at Special Needs Schools (LAS)
  • Appeal Committees B, ET, IIW/IT, TM, M, VT/EUT/CBE, W, AIW
  • Budget and Planning Committee (HPA)
  • Teaching and Learning Committee (ALS)
  • Doctoral Committee (no student representative)
  • Committee for the conferral of the academic title of professor and for the conferral of the authorization to teach as a private lecturer pursuant to § 17 HmbHG
  • Library Committee
  • Senate Committee on Information Technology (SenA-IT)
  • Committee for Equality (AfG)
  • Joint Commission on Women’s Studies
  • Joint commission with HZG
  • Joint Commission GTW (Sozietät 23)

You will be represented on the committees by various student members. A list of student members of each committee is located here.