New AStA 2021/2022

Every year the AStA is advertised. Also this year the student parliament is looking for a new board and new speakers.

The General Student Committee (AStA) is elected by the Student Parliament (StuPa) to take office on May 1 and consists of the executive board and the departments. The AStA is responsible for your representation. It acts non-partisan, neutral towards religious associations and stands up for equality and against discrimination. It finances many offers for the students. Some examples are: The Kulturfreikarte, the free legal advice, the cultural offers of the AGs and much more!

Die studentische Vertretung ist wichtig: Ohne den AStA gäbe es keine Interessenvertretung, weniger Lernräume und u.a. weniger kulturelle Angebote.
Working in the AStA is fun. You’ll probably make contacts for life, gain soft skills and get a certificate that can extend your Bafög funding.

The election takes place in 5 – 9 phases:

Phase IV: Call for proposals for the offices – 31.03.2021 to 21.04.2021

You can send a meaningful application to after the start of the call for applications in order to stand for election to the following positions.

In addition, there will be a meeting with the new AStA board, all current speakers, the StuPa presidium and all interested parties on 14.04.2021 at 12 noon:
Meeting-ID: 839 7587 6022
Code: 573550

The calls for proposals of the Offices

Phase V: Election of Departments 28.04.2021

Phase I: Board call for proposals – 27.01.2021 to 10.03.2021

In addition to the executive committee for the 2021/22 legislature, a second chairperson will also be sought for the current 2020/21 legislature from 01.04.2021. More on this in the call for applications.

You may submit a strong application to after the call begins to be considered for election to the following positions:

In addition, there will be an interested parties meeting with the acting AStA board, the StuPa presidium and all interested parties on 03.03.2021 at 12 pm:
Meeting-ID: 873 4579 0253
Kenncode: 182591

Phase II: Wahl des Vorstandes – 17.03.2021

Phase III: Decision of the Rules of Procedure – 07.04.2021

[Phase VI: Re-tendering of Departments – 28.04.2021 to 05.05.20]

[Phase VII: By-election of departments 12.05.2021]

[Phase VIII: Re-tendering of Departments – 12.05.2021 to 16.06.2021]

Wed. 09.06.2021 – Interested parties meeting (12 AM)

[Phase IX: By-election of departments 23.06.2021]