Demands: Conduct of the examinations in the winter semester 20/21.

In the meeting of the student parliament of the TU Hamburg on 13.01.2020 was discussed about the implementation of the exams in the winter semester 2020/21. The student body agrees that the implementation of the exams can only take place under certain conditions. In the following, we have formulated demands, which we communicated to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Kuchta, Vice President Teaching and Anne Kruse-Mittelbach, Head of the Examination Office. We asked for examination of the demands on feasibility and for prompt statement and implementation at the latest 22.01.2021.


We will inform the student body about the demands and responses in this blog post.


The student parliament of the TU Hamburg demands:

  1. The distance between the seats of the persons to be examined must be chosen so large that even when leaving the seat the distance to others is maintained. The distance of the tables in the summer semester 2020 was this regarding insufficient.
  2. Sufficient warm and weather-protected waiting rooms are provided before the start of the examination to bridge the period between arrival at the examination site and admission to the examination room.
  3. Sufficient toilet capacity is provided before and during the examination.
  4. Before the start of each examination, the date for inspection is announced in each room used, according to the examination regulations.
  5. Students who belong to a risk group or are entrusted with the supervision of members of a risk group will be offered a single examination room or an alternative form of examination.
  6. The presidium of the TU Hamburg shall examine and announce at the latest before the start of the lecture-free period, how an alternative exam implementation should look like, if the 50-person rule is tightened during the lecture-free period and the planned exam implementation is therefore no longer feasible.
  7. The presidium of the TU Hamburg should announce an alternative to the presence examination for the examinations to be postponed, since it cannot be assumed with certainty that the 50-person rule is valid on the make-up date.
  8. In the event that larger halls are separated by room dividers, it should be ensured that each group of 50 has its own sanitary facilities and sufficient warm and weather-protected waiting areas to ensure that the individual groups do not mix.
  9. Exams in a hall separated by room dividers are to be admitted at different times, but necessarily started at the same time.
  10. New curricula are to provide for alternative forms of examination to better deal with challenges such as a pandemic.