HSP funds 2021

There is again Hochschulpakt (HSP) funding for student projects. A total of up to €50,000 is available. The student parliament of the TU Hamburg recommends which student projects should receive funds, on the basis of which the money is then allocated. It is possible and desirable to divide the 50,000€ between different student projects. The funding amount cannot exceed 25{bb697a4425c4df1a49fe0319b18a9aaf571f539189ccbca846ab208e6986e940} of the project’s annual budget.

This year, the distribution will take place on two cut-off dates. The application must be received formally and with all attachments by the deadline. A prior assessment of the form of the content can be carried out by the Presidium of the Student Parliament on request. The deadlines are Wednesday 10.03.2021 6pm and 25.08.2021 6pm. If a prior review is to take place, the applications must be submitted with the appropriate advance notice. Please submit the application by email to stupa-praesidium@tuhh.de.

The meeting date, at which the presence of the applicants is an advantage, will take place on Wednesday 17.03.2021 at 16:30. An invitation to the meeting will be sent to all applicants in due time.

It is imperative that all attachments are submitted, otherwise the application cannot be discussed appropriately. Above all, a budget/financial plan must be submitted.