General assembly of the Student-body

Moin students!

next Wednesday, 11.11.2020 at 14:00 the general assembly of the student body will take place.

Here we will inform you once a semester about the work we have done in the bodies of the student self-administration
and keep you informed about the political situation of the university!

So come along „digitally“ for the live stream from the auditorium, because it’s all about topics that concern every single one of us!

You will find the link to the stream next Wednesday at

The agenda reads as follows:

        Part A: Formalities

TOP 0: Opening of the meeting
TOP 1: Verification of the quorum
TOP 2: Addition to & approval of the agenda

        Part B: General Affairs

TOP 3: Report of the StuPa Presidency
TOP 4: The misleading marketing campaign of the TU Hamburg – Results of the negotiation with the Executive Board
TOP 5: Initiative for more time and better studyability at the TUHH
TOP 6: Reports of the AStA and presentation of the departments
        – New rooms for students in building B!
        – Commitee against Racism
        – Negotiations with the HVV? – We are making progress!
        – The learning rooms of the AStA – An alternative to the home office
        – is maximum study time and compulsory registration for examinations still up-to-date?
        …and much more!
TOP 7: Announcements and dates

We are looking forward to all students and especially to the new first semester students!

Your student parliament