Announcements of the AStA

The General Student Committee, or AStA for short, is the executive branch of the student parliament and thus takes care of the “day-to-day business”. It deals with all kinds of issues concerning the student body, for example, it manages the student premises, takes care of the AGs and makes sure that you get a semester ticket. He organizes a variety of events, from the AG presentation day, to the script exchange, to the freshman party.

In addition to such responsibilities, you can also expect a lot of fun, a large, friendly and competent team and plenty of room for your personal self-development as well as the expansion of your social and societal skills.

You got interested in getting involved in the AStA? – Then apply now!

You can find all the necessary information in the current announcements.

If you would like to read through the current AStA bylaws to get a better idea of what the AStA is all about, or to prepare for your upcoming term, you can find them here.